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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hollow Block Making Machine

Introduction of Economic durable mobile block making machine

This Machine is manufactured on the base of technical modifications to the original block shaping machines,that is,changing the former one-time-vibration into twice-vibrations of moulding core,So,the block density becomes higher,shaping speed quicker and block strenght more even,This model of machine can be suitable to the customers who have any kinds of existing cement working sites,And the consumption pallets can be reduced.

The main features of  Economic durable mobile block making machine
 (1)Using the manual force control and jog control together, the operation is simple and efficient;
 (2)Using four poles-oriented manner and ultralong orientation bear to  ensure the precise movement of the pressure head and mould;
 (3)Using the ultra strong steel and special welding techniques,it is strong and of high resistance to vibration;
 (4)It is a multi-useful machine,which could produce road blocks, curb stones, blocks, hollow bricks and other shapes of different specifications of concrete products via changing the block mould.
 (5)Using imported electrical appliances, sealing parts and parts of hydraulic components, the equipment's comprehensive performance is stable and reliable;
 (6)Using mechanical drive, it is a collection of compact structure, easy maintenance, operation flexible and good reliability;
 (7) The products which produced by semi-automatic block machine are all of high strength, good density, good appearance,accurate size and regular shapes;
 (8) The semi-automatic block forming machine can achieve high efficiency  if utilizing large dosage of fly ash and slag,could save you more investment and give you a fast turnover

since cement blocks are a staple of the building industry.Concrete blocks are used to build everything from huge buildings to small backyard compost bins.The market is huge everywhere and continues to grow.

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